The Winter Months!!

Well winter here in Alberta never ceases to amaze me, the cold weather came, and Christmas saw temps down into the minus 30's. the snow is here but nowhere near as much as normal years.


So what have we been up to after our fun and games at Motorcycle live??

Well we did our first Snowmobile tour!! hmmm not sure about this one, as i suck at it, absolutely no transferable skills there!! tours are filling up fast for this year in fact as we speak only July and September dates are left!! and we are working on something a little different for those so we will keep you posted!

Giant loop gear continues to fly off the shelves, and this week we have welcomed a couple of new dealers, Rocky Mountain Honda Powerhouse in Calgary, And E&S Motorcycles in Fort Saskatchewan, so go check them out if you are in the area!!

Bikes wise I'm getting fleet ready for season, Checking out all the gear From Rally Raid Products on our Honda CB500X's and we are supplying that too now btw!! save yourself the hassle of importing it yourself and let me do all the work!!


Well if i think of anything else i'll let you know, 


By for now